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Miracle Hill-Director of Player Development

Kevin Boehler

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Kevin Boehler is joining Miracle Hill Golf & Tennis after teaching at Field Club of Omaha the past 10 years. He took up golf at an early age and transitioned that into a career after graduating from The University of Nebraska.  Since then, Kevin has taught and coached some of the top Junior, High School, Collegiate, and Mini Tour players in Iowa and Nebraska.  Kevin enjoys coaching everyone from a new golfer hitting their first shot all the way up to the aspiring pro looking to get their game ready for the next level.  


Kevin’s teaching philosophy centers around controlling how the body moves throughout the swing, taking out the excess motion, and allowing the big muscles to do the work. Doing so allows the club to swing freely around the body with little to no wasted energy while keeping the clubface still; leading to better contact and a much more predictable ball flight.


Kevin also understands one of the most underutilized aspects of playing well as a recreational golfer… the mental game. Every lesson will be focused on how to change a player's thought process while playing the game; taking the focus off the outcome, which leads to stress and anxiety over the ball, and puts it squarely on recalling and repeating past swings and the confidence that can build.

Lesson Packages

Individual 1 Time Lesson (45 Minutes) $100
Individual Series of 5 Lessons $475
Individual Series of 10 Lessons $900
Individual Series of 15 Lessons $1275
Group Lessons 2 Students 1 Time $70 each.
Group Lessons 2 Students Series of 5 $325 each.
Jr. Individual Lesson (30 Minutes) $70
Jr. Individual Series of 5 $325
Jr. Series of 10 $600
Playing Lesson $200


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