Adult Clinics

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  Tuesday:   Cardio 845-945am, Cleague 10-11:30am

  Wed:  Women's 3.0-3.5 Clinic 9-1030am

  Friday:  Cross Hitt  9-10am

  Sat:  Cardio 9-10am


  Monday:  Cross Hitt 7-8pm,  Get Taught Tennis 730-9pm, Adult Clinic 8-930pm

  Wednesday:  Adult Drill Session 630-8pm

This is a NTRP 4.0+ drill session.  These clinics are designed for individuals who are playing leagues or tournaments and want to improve their game to the next level.  This session is modeled after a college practice of live ball drilling, with a little feed back from coaching staff.  Through a combination of dead ball drilling, drills, and live ball play, we feel we can get you to take that next step.    The idea is hitting a lot of tennis balls, working on certain concepts:  Directionals, approaching to the net, taking the ball out of the air....just to name a few.  

We ask that you have the ability to rally a ball over the net in a competitive setting at least 4 times, along with not having a fear of being at the net with a fast hitter playing a ball in your direction.  We ask that you would have the ability to volley the ball back to that person hitting a ball.  We ask that you are a NTRP 3.0 player up to a 4.0 player.

These clinics are designed for the beginning adult looking to take up the game of tennis.  Basic entry level stroke production will be taught each clinic.  Each day will have a main theme and will include 1.5 hours on the court.  After the  session you will be ready to spread your wings and fly away to your own game.

A whole body workout specifically related to tennis.  Each class is broken up into interval training.  We use a ball machine with an instructor who is giving real time feedback.  Our wall workout stations include medicine ball workouts, stair steps, jump ropes, agility ladders, gate jumps and much more to train your entire body.  The class is broken down into a 5-8 minute warm up with light cardio and stretching, 40-45 mins of interval training and a 5 minute cooldown.  Some of our current participants are burning over 500 cals in the hour! 



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